Virgin Voyages Needs Your Help Naming Its New Original Beer

virgin voyages beer

Today is International Beer Day. And Virgin Voyages needs your help in naming their new beer. This beer will be sold on the new Virgin Voyages ship Scarlet Lady.

Now, before you can give this beer a proper name, you need to know some details. It’s an “English Pale Ale with a hint of red”. It’s crafted in partnership with Miami’s Wynwood Brewing Company using a mix of American and English brewing traditions. Specifically American malt hops and British yeast.

Draught Haus on the Scarlet Lade
Draught Haus on the Scarlet Lady

The brew is “slightly more bitter and hoppy, with hints of grapes and fruit on the nose with toffee and caramel in the background”. The signature red tint comes from the roasted malt

The signature ale will be featured in the Draught Haus onboard the Scarlet Lady on Deck 7.

If you want a shot at naming this new beer, comment on their Instagram post (@VirginVoyages) and make sure to include an image of the can. You can grab the image at the top of this post and include it in your submission.

Who Is Virgin Voyages?

You might be wondering, who is Virgin Voyages? If it sounds like it’s associated with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile and other things that start with Virgin, you’d be correct.

Sir Branson created Virgin Voyages because he does not like cruising. So he decided to create a cruise line that catered to persons like him.

The first ship in the fleet – and the one where the new beer that you hopefully will name – is the Scarlet Lady. The Scarlet Lady caters to travelers 18 years and older. No children allowed.

This is just the first of many ships for Virgin Voyages. It operates in the US, UK, and Europe and has four more ships on order.

To learn more about Virgin Voyages and what makes them different from traditional cruise lines, visit them at

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