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Stay On the Ship On Port Days

One of the best things about cruising is being able to visit a different port every day. But on a couple of those days, you might want to consider staying on the ship. Why? What are the advantages of staying on board on port days?

If you’ve cruised before, you know that the line to get off the ship on cruise day – just getting into the elevator – can be bananas. That’s because most of the passengers on the ship are being herded into one or two exit points on the ship. This dilemma for those getting off the ship can be a golden opportunity for you.

Like Having Your Own Yacht

You can expect almost 75% of the ship to be onshore on port days. That means the buffet will be virtually empty. Now, this next thing take with a grain of salt because it’s not a rule. But every once in awhile the buffet will put out special items that won’t be available when the whole guest compliment is onboard.

Anywhere you go on the ship will be pretty much the same. One of those places will be the pool.

I’ve found that unless it’s your mission to get into the pool on a sea day, it’s unlikely you’ll find a lounge chair or open spot in the pool. But on port days, most are going ashore to splash around in the ocean water. This leaves the pool to the select few who remained onboard. It’s like having the whole ship to yourself.

If we were to sum up today’s tip in one sentence, it would be this: You have the entire ship to yourself.

Use this opportunity to go places you didn’t have time to visit or was too crowded to get into. 

Be Prepared

Everything isn’t all butterflies and roses though. Some things like the main dining room won’t be open for lunch on port days. You may find that with other things that are designed to function with more guests. Those, however, will be few and far between. 

But perhaps for one day, stay on the ship when everyone else leaves. Don’t lock yourself in your cabin. Explore the ship. Because for that day, you will have your own private yacht. Sort of.

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