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Cruise Tip – Go To the Spa On Embarkation Day

On today’s Cruise Tip Friday, we’re recommending going to the spa on embarkation day. You might be thinking that’s a strange place to make the first stop when you get on the ship. But there is a very good reason to make a beeline for the spa.

While everyone else is crowding the buffet and testing out their drink package at the various bars, you should head to the upper decks for the spa. On the first day of the cruise, the spa will offer discounts on treatments you can use on other days of your cruise.

Keep in mind, they won’t be free. But if you go to the spa on any day other than the first day of the cruise, they will never be the price you’ll get on day one.

Now, if you’re not the spa-type person, this might make a compelling case to give it a try. This is especially true if a cruise port is canceled.

Depending on the reason for the cancelation, the first notice you may receive is the morning you are scheduled to be at the port. Your fellow passengers will be scrambling to make new plans. You, on the other hand, can use this opportunity to have your stress massaged out of your body.

You’ll feel even better when you learn that you paid considerably less than the person next to you because they decided to go to the spa because they had to find something to do. 

Come back next Friday for another Cruise Tip. And leave your cruise tips in the comments below.


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