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Cruise Tip – Ship Walk-through

Beginning today and every Friday, we’re bringing you a new segment called Cruise Tip Fridays.

Today’s tip: Get a walk-through of the ship.

Most modern cruise ships are floating cities. That means there is a LOT to see and get to. To help travelers, most cruise ships have an app you can download to your phone to help you find your way around the ship.

Most people know that. What they don’t know is that some ships will give you a tour.

Once you get to the port, ask the person checking your documents if a tour of the ship is offered. This is to the ships advantage. They’ll show you areas you’ll likely want to see – the gym, movie theater, etc. They’ll also take you to the arcade, the spa, and more.

Is it a way to upsell you? Yeah. But if for some reason you wind up missing a port, you’ll be glad you did.

But even more than that, you’ll become familiar with other areas of the ship you might not ever get to. After all, when we say these are floating cities, we’re not exaggerating. For example, the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas is only 62 feet shorter than the Empire State Building.

If you have a cruise tip, leave it in the comment below and get the conversation started.


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