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How To Pack For Your Cruise

The time has come to get on the road for your cruise. Will you have everything you need? What things should you pack to get ready for your cruise?

The answers to those questions are really subjective. But we think that there are some things that are universal regardless of where you’re cruising to or what you like to do. Based on our experience, we’ve come up with some things that everyone should pack in their bags.

Be Ready For Excursions

Whether you book an excursion or just want to explore the port on your own, you’ll want to have adequate footwear. Sandals are great for laying at the pool or even the beach. But if you want to do some exploring, definitely bring a pair of comfortable sneakers. Just getting from your cabin to the tourist trap areas of the pier is a long walk. 

If you decide to do an excursion, particularly one that involves water, make sure to get water shoes. The last thing you want to do is slip on an algae-covered rock and sprain something. Or worse, break a bone. 

Big Hats & Sunglasses Aren’t Just For Movie Stars 

When you cruise, you’ll be out in the sun. A lot. Especially is this true when you go ashore. So you’ll want to protect yourself. Make sure you get a hat that is going to provide protection from the sun. And protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses. And while you’re at it, slather yourself up with sunscreen. You may want your hot dogs crispy, but not your skin.

Bring a Jacket or Sweater

This one sounds like an odd suggestion, especially considering how we just said the sun is going to beat down on you. 

This suggestion isn’t for the daytime; it’s for when the sun goes down. Particularly if you want to spend time watching a movie under the stars. It doesn’t happen every day, but some evenings will be windy. And it can get downright cold.

So bring a light sweater or a thin jacket just in case. Because it’s thin, it won’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase. That way, even if you never use it, you won’t feel you’ve overpacked.

Leave Some Things Home

Something so many vacationers do regardless of the type of vacation is overpack. Some want to have a different outfit for every day of the cruise. Especially in the evening. We won’t pass judgment as to whether that’s good or bad.

What we will say is that whatever you choose to bring, make sure you leave room for items you purchase during your cruise. Souvenirs tend to be small items, tee shirts, or other things that don’t take up a lot of space. The things to worry about are the bottles of alcohol the ship or the island sold at a fraction of the price you’d pay at home. 

Leave enough room in your luggage to transport your “beverages” back home. Or you could just buy another suitcase.

There are a bunch of other things you could and probably should pack for your cruise. Take a look at our eBay affiliate store to see what items you need. We’ll make a small commission on items purchased. But we think you’ll find things that will make packing for your cruise worth the effort.

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