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Cruise Tips

Sunsetting behind half full wine glass What’s the Best Cabin To Book On a Cruise? - Picking the right cabin can make or break your cruise. This guide helps you decide what is best for you. Learn More
pile of luggage How To Pack For Your Cruise - Everyone over packs on vacation. Make sure you don't forget these things. Learn More
woman holding gold coin up to her eye 5 Things You Can Get for Free On a Cruise - Everybody likes free stuff. Here are 5 things you can get for free on a cruise ship. Learn More
woman with hat sipping drink Stay On the Ship On Port Days - One of the best things about cruising is being able to visit a different port every day. But on a couple of those days, you might want to consider staying on the ship. Why? What are the advantages of staying on board on port days? Learn More
children waving at ship Is It Safe To Travel the Day of Your Cruise? - There are a lot of things you have to do to get ready for your cruise. And that danger could cost you your vacation. Learn More
female fingers touching cell phone Cruise Tip Friday: Install the Cruise Line App - With all the excitement of beginning your cruise, there’s the possibility of missing some important things. One way to compensate is to install the cruise line app. Features vary depending on the cruise line. But not installing it could cost you. The first thing you should do before leaving for… Learn More
hands holding hundred dollar bills Cruise Tip: How Not To Over-tip On Cruise Gratuities - Cruising makes you feel like royalty. When you return from breakfast, your room is made for you. When you finish dinner for the evening, your bed is made up again. But how can you make sure you don’t over-tip on your cruise gratuities? Learn More
wristwatch Cruise Tip Friday: Get An Old-School Wristwatch - In this post, we’re going to explain why there is a very good reason why you should get an old-school wristwatch. Or at the very least, don’t depend on your smartwatch. Learn More
woman getting spa treatment Cruise Tip – Go To the Spa On Embarkation Day - On today’s Cruise Tip Friday, we’re recommending going to the spa on embarkation day. You might be thinking that’s a strange place to make the first stop when you get on the ship. But there is a very good reason to make a beeline for the spa. Learn More
stateroom attendant making bed Cruise Tip – Ship Walk-through - Beginning today and every Friday, we're bringing you a new segment called Cruise Tip Fridays. Today's tip is to get a walk-through of the ship. Learn More
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