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Profiles In Dining – MSC Meraviglia

When it comes to cruise ships, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as elegant as the MSC Meraviglia. In fact, Wiktionary says Meraviglia means “(feeling) wonder, astonishment, amazement, surprise”. In today’s Profiles In Dining, we’re going to look at the specialty restaurants on the MSC Meraviglia.

MSC lists 12 different eating options. So anything you want to indulge in is at your disposal – everything from sweet to savory. Since we focus on specialty restaurants, we’re going to hone in on the 4 specialty dining options on the Meraviglia. 

Ocean Cay Restaurant

restaurant table

If you love seafood, add Ocean Cay Restaurant to your dining options. Imagine this seafood lineup:

  • Boston lobster
  • Oven-baked rock salt crust whole Mediterranean seabass
  • Brown crabs
  • Oysters
  • Steamed King Crabs

If that’s not enough to convince you to upgrade to the dining package, there’s probably not much that can. But remember this, the Meraviglia is an Italian ship. So they’ll have the best international wines to pair with your seafood dishes.

Butchers Cut

Butcher Cut restaurant

Butcher’s Cut is everything you’d expect in an American steakhouse – warm, stylish atmosphere, cocktails, and all the prime cuts of beef. Lamb and bison are available if that’s where you’re leaning. And the kitchen is generous with portion sizes. Finish the evening with coffee and a slice of New York cheesecake. 

¡HOLA! Tapas bar by Ramón Freixa

¡HOLA! Tapas bar by Ramón Freixa

If a world-class chef invited you to his home to prepare a meal, would you turn it down? Of course not!

So make sure you spend time in ¡HOLA! Tapas bar by renowned Spanish chef Ramón Freixa. His creations are so inspired he has earned not one, but two Michelin Stars. As the name implies, be prepared to enjoy a delicious tapas menu. 

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a focus on a social dining experience. It’s easy to find on Deck 6 along the amazing Galleria Meraviglia. That is if you can pull yourself away from Galleria Meraviglia, one of the most incredible public areas at sea. 

Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Everyone likes being entertained. Being fed at the same time is even better. If you’ve experienced a Teppanyaki restaurant on land, you know what to expect here. 

After your starter soup, the real fun begins. Trained chefs “play” with your food the way most only fantasize doing in the kitchen. If you’ve never been to a Teppanyaki restaurant, make your way to Deck 7. Teppanyaki is more fun with a group. So if you’re traveling with friends, schedule time to enjoy Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

Book a Cruise on MSC Meraviglia

Dining is really a feature of cruising. The restaurants on the Meraviglia elevate that experience. Contact the Dream Team to book your cruise aboard the MSC Meraviglia and specify that you’d like a package that allows you to dine at these restaurants.


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