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Don’t Be a Pier Runner!

We’ve discussed in various posts about the dangers of getting back to the port on time. Some of those warnings and subsequent suggestions are to make sure you know what ship time is. Another recommendation is to use a watch that allows you to manually set the time so that you can sync your watch to ship time. And we’ve also told you that the ship is under no obligation – absolutely zero responsibility – to wait for anyone after the all-aboard time.

So to impress upon our readers just how serious a problem this is, we’ve embedded a number of videos of real people getting left at the port. These individuals are called “pier runners” because they literally run to the pier in the hopes of getting on before the gangway is removed. Some become pier runners because their private excursion returned late. But most are because they either didn’t know the all-aboard time or because their arrogance told them the ship wouldn’t possibly leave without them.

Please watch all these videos because we don’t want you to get stranded at port. And one more thing that might motivate you not to become a pier runner – you will be heckled. Bad.

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