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MSC Unveils Private Island

More and more cruise lines have a private island. And in the last week, MSC has joined the club with Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. And while it is a private island, it’s not what you might think.

Most private islands owned by cruise lines focus on action: water parks, zip-lining, and other vacation-type activities. MSC’s Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is different in that it focuses on “relaxation over excitement”.

That doesn’t mean boredom. MSC is going for a different type of vacationer. For the eco-conscience and/or eco-friendly, this is the island you want to visit. Not only did MSC commit to ecological principles when they built the island, but they also put their money where their mouth is. Consider these stats:

  • 400 individual coral colonies were relocated during construction with the goal of getting the coral to grow and repopulate
  • Over 75,000 plants and shrubs were planted
  • In cooperation with the Government of the Bahamas, MSC has designated 64 square miles of water surrounding the island as a Marine Reserve to protect the natural environment
  • A scientific Conservation Center will be built complete with laboratories and facilities for coral research and education

Beachside Stargazing

A unique experience to Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is Beachside Stargazing. Using state of the art computerized tracking telescopes, an astronomer guide will unlock the wonders of the heavens. This is better than a planetarium at the science center because these stars are real. And you can sip your alcoholic beverage while you learn. 

The Spa On Ocean Cay

palm trees at sunset
Can you see your spa treatment here?

Since relaxation is the theme, picture the orange and purple hue of the sun slowly descending behind palm trees while the gentle lapping of waves on the shore calms your mind. This is the experience you’ll have at The Spa on Ocean Cay.

Eco-friendliness is a theme extended even to the spa. The beauty products used are eco-friendly and biodegradable. A spa treatment in a Bahamian paradise? If this sounds like your version of relaxation, let us book your MSC cruise on a ship visiting this island.

Food On Ocean Cay

After you’ve excised all the stress from your body, you’ll want to feed that body. 9 food trucks are available to satisfy your culinary desire. Perhaps you are in the mood for authentic Bahamian dishes or classic American fare. Seakers Food Court has you covered. 

Of course, you need a drink to pair with your meal. Lighthouse Bar and Springer’s Bar will mix you the perfect cocktail to complement your meal. And if either of these isn’t in a location convenient to you, rest assured one of the 8 tiki bars will be.

Be One of the First

For those with a more active lifestyle, head over to the rental station located on each of the island’s beaches. Take the family paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling or other water activities in the pristine waters surrounding the island.

Contact us to book your MSC cruise so that you can experience Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. Check out the video below and share this page with your friends so they can see what makes this MSC private island stand apart from the rest. 


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