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First-time Cruisers Ask

royal caribbean cruise ship sitting at the dock Why Cruising Is the Best Hassle-free Vacation - When people want to go on vacation, sometimes price is the primary consideration. We'll talk about that in another post. But perhaps just as important is how easy it is, not just to go on vacation, but how hassle-free the vacation actually is. So in this post, I'm going to… Learn More
breakfast spread on balcony of cruise ship 10 Reasons Why Cruises Are the Best Vacation - There is a debate among vacationers who enjoy cruising and those who'd rather fly to a resort. And then there are those caught in the middle. Maybe they don't travel much. Or perhaps they're undecided about cruising from all the information being thrown at them. If this describes you, we're… Learn More
child sneezing into tissue How Do I Avoid Getting Sick On a Cruise? - People getting sick from a virus actually isn't uncommon on cruise ships. What do cruise lines do to prevent this? What can you do to protect yourself? Learn More
Passport and plane ticket Why a Cruise Travel Agent Is Better Than a Booking Website - In a world of online travel booking engine websites promising to get you the best price on a cruise, is there any benefit to using a travel agent as opposed to doing it yourself? Learn More
Pickup truck driving through hurricane What Happens If a Hurricane Comes During My Cruise? - When it comes to cruising, first-time cruisers understandably have lots of questions. Today's question is: What happens if a hurricane comes during my cruise? Learn More
Couple holding surfboards walking on the beach Is a Cruise Better Than An All-Inclusive Resort? - Is there a reason to choose a cruise over an all-inclusive resort? Are there any hidden charges that making one better than the other? Our answer might surprise you. Learn More
Woman thinking of a question How Do I Choose the Best Cruise Line? - Choosing the right cruise line for your vacation involves processing a lot of data. How do you pick the best cruise line for you? Learn More
Sunsetting behind half full wine glass What’s the Best Cabin To Book On a Cruise? - Picking the right cabin can make or break your cruise. This guide helps you decide what is best for you. Learn More
Person holding passport in front of American flag What Documents Are Needed For a Cruise? - It is possible to go on a cruise without a passport. But is it a good idea? And even with a valid passport, you still might get stuck out of the country. Learn More
exotic meal First-time Cruisers Ask: Can I Cruise If I Have Food Allergies? - One of the most anticipated things about cruising is enjoying the food. If you have a food allergy, you may have avoided taking a cruise out of fear of something triggering food allergies. Should you be concerned? Do cruise lines make considerations for people with food allergies? You might be… Learn More
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