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5 Things You Can Get for Free On a Cruise

There is so much included in the price of your cruise it’s hard to think of what you can get for free. So today, we’re going to tell you 5 things you can get for free on most cruise ships. Some are bigger deals than others. But hey, free is free. 

Let’s start with the least desired thing you can get for free but will be glad it is if you need it.

5. Motion Sickness Pills

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. And on larger cruise ships, you more likely than not will never feel the motion of the ocean. In the event that you do feel a little nauseous, make a trip to Guest Services and ask for motion sickness pills. They’ll gladly give you some to steady you until you get used to being on the ocean.

4. Join the Rewards Program

Every cruise line wants you to jump on one of their ships every time you go on vacation. So each cruise line offers rewards and gives you free things the more you sail with them. 

For example, Carnival Cruise Line will give you a one-time free cabin upgrade. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) will give Latitudes members free artwork for attending the art auction. Princess Cruise Lines’ Captain’s Circle will give you complimentary internet once you reach Platinum status. What you get for free will depend on what level you are. And that depends on how many trips you’ve taken with them. Register before you sail with your cruise line’s rewards program. This way you’ll get credit for your upcoming cruise. Check with your cruise line to see if they will do that.

3. Get a Whole Pizza 

Pizza is free on a cruise ship. It’s also by the slice. What so many passengers don’t realize is that you can get a whole pie just by asking for one. It might seem a little awkward at first. But it’s one of those things that if you simply ask, you can get the exact pie you want. Hot and fresh.

If you’re a fan of Carnival Cruise Line, your side is hurting from laughing so hard. They make some of the best pizza at sea. And they’ll deliver a whole pie to you anywhere on the ship by just using the app. 

MSC Cruise Line is an Italian company and they specialize in pizza too. Not to be outdone, MSC will deliver any one of their unique pies straight to your cabin. If you’re a pizza fan, give MSC a try. 

2. Free Tastings 

If you didn’t know, getting liquor on the cruise ship is usually cheaper than buying it at home. And to make sure you buy as much as you can carry, they’ll offer free tastings. Depending on how long the cruise is, they may have more than one for the duration of the cruise. And because they sell more than alcohol, you might as well get a taste of some of those rum butter cakes they want you to take home with your booze.

1. Free Champagne

Even if you don’t have an eye for art, you should go to the art auction on your cruise ship. While they show you paintings and explain what the artist was feeling and describing the brush strokes, you can sip on free champagne. Sure, you might be clueless about the difference between magenta and red. But at least you got a free drink out of it.

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