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Blue World Voyages – The Ultimate Fitness Cruise Line Awaits You

The beautiful thing about cruising is that there is so much to do. If you live an active lifestyle, there’s a track to run on, a gym to work out in and a spa to relieve aching muscles. What if you could go on a vacation that catered to your active lifestyle? If this sounds like the perfect trip, you’ll want to book a cruise on Blue World Voyages.

Who Is Blue World Voyages?

Blue World Voyages is nothing like the major cruise lines. It was designed specifically with people who live an active lifestyle in mind. They’re so serious, they’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry including Yoga Journal, Well + Good, Oxygen, Outside and Hank Haney Golf.

As you’d expect from a cruise line with a focus on fitness, life aboard a Blue World Voyages cruise will be different from the typical cruise ship. Forget about all the traditional “relaxation” cruising tropes. Remember, this is for people who have “active” lifestyles.

What To Expect Onboard

As you’ve probably deduced already, things are going to have a different feel onboard a Blue World Voyages cruise. Just how different? 

Let’s get into it.

The Food

Let’s start with the food. As you look over the deck plan, don’t stress yourself out looking for the buffet. Because there isn’t one. What you will experience is healthy, fresh, locally sourced, organic food used to prepare your meals. 

If you’re into staying fit and healthy, you know healthy food is not synonymous with bland food. Especially when the Executive Chef is Tim Andriola. Not only does he specialize in farm to table, but he’s also worked and trained in some of the finest restaurants in the country, one of those restaurants being named as the 30th Best Restaurant In the World and 5th Best In the United States in 2007.

So, yeah. Your food will be delicious.

But it’s not all about spinach and smoothies (although you can have smoothies). There’s a food-pairing wine lounge for those times when you want to wind down.

The Spa

Most newer cruise ships hold anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 passengers. And for all those passengers, there’s a spa usually located on an upper deck, tucked away in a corner.

Blue World Voyages decided that wouldn’t work for them. So instead, they’ve dedicated an entire deck to the spa and wellness for the 525 passengers sailing with them. And when they say wellness, it’s not just about the body but the mind as well.

Imagine the sun dropping below the horizon with orange and red hues filling the sky. Now picture yourself swimming in the sea-water infinity lap pool at the rear of the ship. Now that is relaxation.

Attempting to describe an entire deck dedicated to wellness is almost beyond words. Check out this video and leave your thoughts about the wellness deck in the comments below.


Exercise and Conditioning

A fitness-focused cruise ship would be incomplete if it didn’t have exercise equipment for strength and conditioning. And Blue World Voyages doesn’t disappoint. 

Included is a TRX studio to help you keep your functional strength at peak condition. Spinning and a yoga studio complete the package.

That would be good by itself. Add to it the fact that there is an entire deck dedicated to sports and fitness. Not just a sliver of floor space on the upper deck where exercise equipment is crammed in.

Finishing things off are pro-inspired batting cages and hi-tech golf and soccer simulators.



Excursions are a natural part of cruising. And most cruise ships have excursions to swim with dolphins, stingrays, zipline, hiking, and other outdoor activities. But they’ll never go to the locations a Blue World Voyages ship will visit.

Remember, their ship only carries 525 passengers. So it’s nowhere near as large as the mega-ships traversing the oceans. With a smaller ship, you’ll be able to visit some of the most pristine places. Hidden waterfalls, unspoiled reefs, hiking and biking in places you’ll never get to see on a massive cruise ship.

The good thing is that many of the excursions are included in the cost of your vacation. Hiking, yoga, running and cycling tours are included. But others are for a fee. Don’t worry. They want you to have a good time. So the costs shouldn’t be outrageous.

Is Blue World Voyages the Cruise Line For You?

Clearly, Blue World Voyages is satisfying a specific niche. If exercising and eating clean sound like work, this is probably not the ship for you. 

If bringing all the kids with you to enjoy a vacation is the way you like to cruise, you might want to pass on this. There is an exception. If children are over 16, they can accompany you. That’s because there are no accommodations to monitor children younger than that. Just remember, even if they’re over 16, they should be physically active.

Can You Afford It?

With activities and excursions in areas you’ll never experience on a typical cruise, you should expect that the cost for a stateroom isn’t going to be what you’d pay on a Carnival Cruise. At the same time, it’s about on par with what you’d pay if you booked a suite on the same Carnival Cruise

That’s important to remember. A “standard” suite will run you $3,500 not including port charges or airfare. If you think that’s a little high, consider this: A mini-suite on the NCL Breakaway will run you around $2,700. A duplex suite on the MSC Meraviglia is over $3,400. 

As you can see, getting a suite on a Blue World Voyage is right in the range of a suite on a typical cruise ship. Less 5,000+ people.

Do You Have To Travel With Another Person?

A typical cruise charges prices based on double occupancy. In other words, whatever price you see, double it if you plan on taking someone with you. 

Blue World Voyages understands that some like to cruise solo. So they’ve got you covered. But you have to move quickly. There are only 25 cabins available for solo travelers. 

Do You Want To Live At Sea?

A cruise on a Blue World Voyages ship sounds like an awesome experience. Are you ready to ditch the daily grind and live on the water? Believe it or not, you can do this on a Blue World Cruise. All you need for a two-bedroom is $3,350,000. A little too steep for your pocket? You can snag a one-bedroom for $2,350,000.

Still on the fence, check out this video.

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